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Get a complete homeschool study program (up to 5 courses) for only $249. Applicable to all courses and subject areas including math, science, language, reading, history, geography. Limited Time Offer for new students only. +
Learning classical guitar will jump start your guitar playing for years to come. Join me as I teach you the fundamentals of this fun, and beautiful instrument. +
$230.00 $87.00
UkeVision is an innovative new ukulele course that will let you see the instrument like never before! You will be strumming, picking, and performing songs in no time! This is a fun and hands-on ukulele course for all ages. +
$299.00 $113.00
This engaging ASL (American Sign Language) course covers the history and foundational lessons relating to ASL, including basic vocabulary as well as receptive skills. The course includes activities, worksheets, review lessons and quizzes each with their own answer key. +
$150.00 $56.00
Sociology is the study of human groups, particularly societies— that is, people who share the same place and culture. We'll study topics like culture, group behavior, and inequality. We will also examine family, religion, race, gender, education, and more. +
$239.00 $90.00
An essential course for preteens and young teens, this engaging series offers relevant, useful, and lifelong strategies that motivate students to achieve their personal bests in academics, emotional wellbeing, stress management, physical health, relationships, and character development. +
$299.00 $113.00

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