New courses

Get a complete homeschool study program (up to 5 courses) for only $249. Applicable to all courses and subject areas including math, science, language, reading, history, geography. Limited Time Offer for new students only. +
This engaging ASL (American Sign Language) course covers the history and foundational lessons relating to ASL, including basic vocabulary as well as receptive skills. The course includes activities, worksheets, review lessons and quizzes each with their own answer key. +
Art for Kidz is a friendly, fun, and engaging art video course with an animal theme for Kinder-2nd grade. This course has 36 lessons that follow the Elements of Art. Kids will learn art vocabulary, techniques, and famous artist. +
This course focuses on letters and sounds, picture/word recognition to facilitate vocabulary words, spelling, alphabetical order, segmenting and blending rhyming words, reading frequency/sight words and concept words related to short stories and building basic vocabulary and comprehension. +
Beginning singing course for grades 5 and up. Learn basics of healthy singing technique as well as how to read basic notes and rhythms. Exercises and repertoire included in course best suited for female voices or pre-pubescent male voices. +
35 lessons on painting and drawing for grades 3-5 or any student looking to improve skills. Students will learn the foundations of drawing and painting, how to draw realistically, how to mix paint to create colors, tints, shades as well use color theory to create masterpieces. +
Students will learn how to do yoga poses, both seated and standing postures, while they get their bodies moving through fun, themed classes. They will also be introduced to different ways they can be mindful and how they can apply it to their everyday lives. +
This course is designed to provide your student the opportunity to be creative and to be their own artist while learning the foundation in different artist techniques and mediums! +

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