New courses

This course is designed to provide your student the opportunity to be creative and to be their own artist while learning the foundation in different artist techniques and mediums! +
$300.00 $134.02
This geography course introduces students to basic skills of the geographer, covers how to interpret maps, graphs, charts, and timelines, examines countries, provinces, and states of North America and explores key events related to the history of the U.S. from a geographer's perspective. +
$255.00 $114.02
This non-intimidating art course is designed for grades K-2 but is appropriate for any beginning elementary artist. Fun projects accompany 18 lessons on elements of art and 18 lessons on famous artists. 9 bonus seasonal projects are included as well. Lessons based on national & state standards. +
$125.00 $56.02
Join the fun! Art for Explorers introduces students to the Elements of Art, through lessons and activities geared especially for K-3rd graders. By the end of this art course your young artist will have more self-confidence, use new art techniques, and appreciate visual art. +
$189.00 $85.02
This Pilates course for kids is done on a mat using Joseph Pilates original Contrology sequence of 34 exercises. This is an all levels exercise course designed to strengthen and lengthen the body with emphasis on regaining core strength and a healthy spine. +
This Italian course focuses on basic conversational situations. It uses a range of materials to construct a strong foundation for further learning through reading, listening, writing, and speaking in the target language. Learn to engage with the vibrant culture and beautiful language of Italy! +
$180.00 $80.02
This course introduces elementary students to the history of the United States, discusses the government, and covers civic duties and responsibilities of all citizens. +
$275.00 $123.02
In this course students will learn to use acrylic paints and watercolors while creating many wonderful works of art. Students will learn various techniques to create desired effects while also learning about artists, works of art and vocabulary. +
$240.00 $107.02

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