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Calculus doesn't have to be hard--at least with the pre-calculus course it won't be! 29 Lessons to get you started in the wonderful world of calculus +
$399.99 $139.00
This honors-level course develops students understanding of high school biology in 44 exciting science lessons, with detailed coverage of topics including biomolecules, cell biology, genetics, evolution, and ecology. +
$399.00 $139.00
This course covers cell biology and molecular biology units. You will learn about the cell structure, organelles and their functions. You will learn easily about carbohydrates, proteins, lipids and nucleic acids structures and functions. +
$377.00 $131.00
In this complete science course students will utilize scientific skills of asking questions that will be answered through investigations, analysis, explanations, and identifying variables in an investigation. The course covers Physical Science, Earth Science, and Life Science. +
$389.00 $136.00
Come take a break from the walls of your house and explore the world! In this course, you will visit each world region and discover their unique characteristics through the five subfields of geography. Not sure what those are? Come and see. +
$379.00 $132.00
Este curso incluye matemáticas del grado 12 así como un repaso del grado 11, consolidando la base necesaria para el acceso a la universidad. Mediante 42 lecciones y ejercicios estudiaremos diversos tipos de ecuaciones, funciones y límites, derivadas e integrales, matrices y sistemas. +
$425.00 $148.00

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