Lernsys and Wellbeing

Lernsys and Wellbeing

A large, and often ignored component that contributes to successful academic performance is student wellbeing. Being in a calm, relaxed, introspective state of mind is vital for a homeschool student to excel. Unfortunately, wellbeing classes have all but been eliminated from U.S. classroom settings which is a major contributing factor to the decline of student performance. 

Homeschool parents have opted for this decision based on a number of factors. Greater control of their child’s education in terms of flexibility, choice and active input is the predominant theme. The Lernsys platform provides just that, and coupled with our wellbeing and selfhelp content the variety of options homeschool parents have is unparalleled in the homeschool market today.

Yoga/Exercise for Kids is one of our more popular wellbeing courses. Homeschool children learn to develop body awareness, manage stress through breathing and healthy movement, increase concentration, bolster self-confidence and improve self-image. For homeschool children, Yoga for Kids is a great outlet for non-competitive participation in an activity which also requires a complete disconnection from all the trappings of our electronic lives.

Along the same vein, the Lernsys wellbeing course Meditation for Kids provides homeschool children a space for reflection. Studies surrounding similar courses have registered decreases in aggressiveness and anxiety, improved behavior, enhanced concentration and an “inner-connection” to the homeschool students themselves that is difficult to achieve without the resources such as these courses to guide them. 

Lastly, Lernsys Healthy Eating courses are designed to help bridge the communication between the homeschool parent and homeschool child as to why opting for healthy foods is so important. While parents ultimately decide what their child will eat, it is important for the homeschool child to understand why these decisions are being made. Reinforcing water as a healthy hydration option, “occasional sweets” as options, and for homeschool parents, serving as a role model for their children are just a sampling of the content available in these wellbeing courses.            


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