Lernsys and Selfhelp

Lernsys and Selfhelp

The Lernsys homeschool platform complements our academic content with selfhelp courses surrounding timely issues affecting young people today – cyberbullying, health, child obesity, bullying, depression and anxiety. Bullying in particular is what can lead to serious anxiety and bouts of depression to the affected.

Videos and content to combat the damaging effects of bullying center on self-esteem building, proven tactics to “absorb, deflect and neutralize” the bully, practical concepts for the homeschool child and family to discuss surrounding the incident(s), and effectively tracking of bullying online in the event the problem escalates. Most important for the homeschool child however is content that speaks to the importance of a social network. Surrounding oneself with friends and like-minded individuals will in itself nullify the destructive effects that bullying can cause.             

Once a homeschool child is the target of bullying, bouts of depression can typically follow. For homeschool parents Lernsys selfhelp courses deliver practical tips to help manage and cope with depression. Encouraging the child to express themselves for example is a proven exercise that can vastly reduce spells of depression caused by bullying. Stimulating the imagination via painting, drawing, writing, dancing, doodling, etc can help the homeschool child take their mind off the bullying and on to other activities. Exercise, good nutrition and identifying time and space to identify troubles, talk through the bullying, where feelings of depression originate and the appropriate coping mechanisms are critical for homeschool students. 

In addition to depression, anxiety is another common symptom that can result from bullying. As a homeschool parent it is vital that you pay attention to your child’s feelings. Lernsys selfhelp content supplies vital tools to homeschool parents in what to do when anxiety arises with their child. Being flexible, maintaining a normal routine, modifying expectations when stressful situations arise, and recognizing and praising everyday accomplishments are just an example of the type of content that is included in the Lernsys selfhelp video library.                  


About Lernsys

Lernsys is a leading homeschool provider of premium academic content, engaging video courses and customized academic materials for homeschool, public, and private school students in both North America and around the world.

Our vast library of rich, creative, and unique homeschool academic content includes common core, advanced placement and elective subjects spanning grades K to 12th in a variety of subjects, fields and disciplines, including math, science, history, social studies, reading, languages, art, biology, physics and more.

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