Yoga & Mindfulness for Youth

Teacher: Patrice
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1 Course Introduction to Yoga and Mindfulness 05:39

Introduction to Yoga and Mindfulness course

2 Class 2 Mindful Breathing 07:42

In this class Students will learn to connect with their breath to help them stay in the present moment. 

3 Class 3 Prep for Yoga 01:55

This class goes over safety measures for yoga classes.

4 Class 4 Sun Salutations 09:25

Sun Salutations are a series of poses performed in a sequence to create a flow of movement. Each pose coordinates with breathe. They warm, strengthen and lengthen the entire body.

5 Class 5 Mindful Breathing Continued 07:43

This class will give students more tools to be able to focus on their breathe and stay in the present moment.

6 Class 6 Learning the Basics 19:31

Picture of Class 6 Learning the Basics

This class teaches students many foundation yoga poses in a fun sequence.

7 Class 7 Mindful Listening 07:54

Mindful listening students are guided to pay attention to different sounds.It helps students stay connected to the present moment.

8 Class 8 Warrior Flow 14:04

  Students will flow through Warrior 1, 2, and 3 among other poses. Warrior poses help give them a sense of empowerment while strengthening the body, improving balance and building stamina.

9 Class 9 Sending Kind Thoughts 07:44

This class will help your student become familiar with the feeling of focusing positive energy and on someone they care about. They will learn the power of sending kind thoughts through visualization. 

10 Class 10 Geometric Yoga 17:21

Learning Geometric shapes is one of the first ways kids start to organize their world. Students will test their balance, get stronger and more flexible while having fun making triangles, circles and arcs with their bodies.

11 Class 11 Body Scan 11:41

Students will take a trip around their bodies as they learn to tune in and connect to their physical sensations that can only be found in the present moment. It can help them relax reduce stress and notice things they may not have before.

12 Class 12 Opposite Yoga Poses 16:07

Students will learn yoga poses and then think about how they can find the opposite of that pose with their bodies in this challenging class. Its fun to give them the opportunity to experience things from a new angle.

13 Class 13 Generosity 07:22

This class will explore what generosity is and different ways they can be generous. Students will also explore how it feels when they are generous and when others are generous with them.

14 Class 14 Yoga poses that kick 14:12

When you think of kicking many different sports probably come to mind but not yoga. In this yoga class students will learn poses that they need to kick into. Theses poses stretch the leg and shoulder muscles while building balance and focus.

15 Class 15 Mindful of our Thoughts 09:11

Stepping out of our thoughts and being in the present moments the practice of mindfulness. This class teaches students how to become more aware of their thoughts so they can name them not follow them and come back to their breath.

16 Class 16 Arm Balance 11:15

Students will learn a short sequence leading to crow pose. This pose builds core muscles and arm strength. It is fun and develops balance focus and self confidence.  

17 Class 17 Mantras 07:23

Students are taught what mantras and affirmations are and how they can change how we feel. This class will help students understand that the thoughts they think also shape how they feel about themselves and how they behave.

18 Class 18 Poses That Make Us Feel Powerful 13:49

One of the many benefits of yoga is that it can build inner strength of purpose while it develops muscles. In this class students will learn a short sequence that will make them feel strong and powerful both outside and inside. 

19 Class 19 Breathing Techniques 05:11

Students will learn square breathing and star hand breathing techniques. They are a great way to switch off the stress response and brings the body back into balance by slowing and deepening the breath while kids focus and provide sensory feedback to their brains. 

20 Class 20 Balancing 12:45

This short sequence leads students to half moon pose. A challenging pose that tests their balance, builds concentration and focus while stretching the whole body.

21 Class 21 Mindful Seeing 08:06

This class teaches students how to pay attention or be mindful of what they are seeing.  It shows them how to take their minds from a place of thinking and doing to a place of noticing what they are seeing in the present moment.

22 Class 22 Balancing Posses Continued 15:29

In this class students will continue to explore yoga poses that test their balance.

23 Class 23 Emotions 08:22

In this class students will learn to put a space between big emotions so they can choose to have a response to an emotion not a reaction.

24 Class 24 Poses That Twist 12:34

This sequence will help kids twist away stress. Students will learn twisting poses that can help aid digestion and help with posture while having fun.  

25 Class 25 Gratitude 08:39

This class will teach students what gratitude is and to pay attention to the big and small things that they are grateful for. The practice of gratitude sharpens our attention for the good and positive in our lives, which helps us notice even more positive things and in turn we have more gratitude.

26 Class 26 Hips and Hamstrings 07:53

 This is a short sequence that focuses on opening the hips and strengthening the hamstrings. These poses are important because tight muscles can hurt and leave them more prone to injury.  

27 Class 27 Mindful Eating 07:10

In this class students will learn to be mindful of and grateful for how their food was grown and how it got to their house. Students will be encouraged to eat slowly and focus on the present while eating, noticing thoughts, feelings and physical sensations. 

28 Class 28 Hips and Hamstrings Continued 09:35

In this class students will learn more poses that open up their hips and strengthen their hamstrings.  

29 Class 29 Glitter Jar 08:50

Students will make calming glitter jars. The glitter colors represent thoughts, emotions and impulses. The jar is a powerful visual metaphor for their mind. They can watch the glitter settle as they wait patiently breathing as they cultivate stillness.

30 Class 30 Standing and Reclining Pigeon 08:33

This is another short sequence that focuses on opening hips and strengthening hamstrings through standing and reclining pigeon pose.

31 Class 31 Unplugging 06:32

In this mindful class students will learn what it means to unplug. They will switch from the doing/thinking brain to just being so they can completely relax. They will be guided through a mindful meditation.

32 Class 32 Pigeon Pose 08:09

Students will be taught a short sequence to traditional pigeon pose.

33 Class 33 Breathing Colors 04:41

In this class students will learn to connect colors to feelings and emotions.  

34 Class 34 Lizard Pose 08:07

In this class students will learn a short sequence leading to another great hip opener called Lizard pose.

35 Class 35 River of Thoughts 06:09

In this class Students will be taught a visualization technique of a river of thoughts. This is a way to teach them that they are not their thoughts and they can look at them non- judgmentally. 

36 Class 36 Inversions 16:40

Turning things upside down actually has great benefit to the body. Inversions help strengthen the core, arms, and shoulders, and serve as good practice for balance. There is increased blood flow and oxygen to the brain, providing more clarity and an increased ability to focus, and improved circulation. This also helps to invigorate and energize the body. 

37 Class 37 Thought Hunter 07:07

Students will learn a few different mindful exercise that helps them become more aware of their thoughts. The thoughts we are not aware of are the ones that make us feel what we feel and want what we want and push us into actions we might not have done with more conscious thought.

38 Class 38 Chair Yoga 15:40

Students will learn a yoga sequence while seated in a chair. This class is great if you have been having trouble balancing in your yoga poses or feel you just need a little more support. Chair yoga is also just a great way to sneak in some yoga poses in between school work as well!

39 Class 39 Alternate Nostril Breathing 06:10

In this class students will learn alternate-nostril breathing which helps to neutralize your child's energy and emotions. The goal of this practice is not necessarily to calm down but to bring balance and a sense of stability to the moment. 

40 Class 40 Vinyasa Flow 07:08

In this class students will learn a simple but challenging sequence that will sync their breath with their movement. They will flow from pose to pose.

41 Bonus: Class 41 Partrner poses 14:56

 Grab a partner and have fun in this challenging class that doubles your yoga poses. Working with a partner on poses brings all the benefits of a regular yoga class but you need use team work, eye contact and coordinate with your partner ass well.

Course Overview

In this course students will learn how to do yoga poses, both seated and standing postures, while they get their bodies moving through fun, themed classes. They will become familiar with the names and the benefits of the poses. They also will improve strength, flexibility and coordination while using their breath to keep them focused in a non-competitive way.  Yoga is a great compliment to other sports.

Students will also be introduced to different ways they can be mindful and how they can apply it to their everyday lives.  They will learn various breathing and visualization techniques. They will not only learn to have a seated mindful practice but also learn about mindful eating, seeing, listening, gratitude, generosity, affirmations and more.  Students are also given questions to journal about and encouraged to practice what they learned in each class. Please have your students ready with a notebook or journal for their mindful classes.

This course includes the following:

  •        Forty-one video classes including

o   Two introduction classes,

o   Twenty yoga classes,

o   Nineteen mindfulness classes

  •        Over six and a half hours of video lessons
  •        Eight quizzes, totaling fifty-one questions with counterpart answer sheets

Course Goals

Yoga and Mindfulness go together because the aim of both is to achieve a connection or awareness of mind and body.  The benefits of yoga and mindfulness may include increased strength, flexibility, and balance, increased focus and concentration, a greater self-awareness and confidence, more self-control, reduction in anxiety and stress, and an increase in empathy for themselves and others.  Mindfulness and Yoga are big buzzword right now and for good reason.  We are living in a hurry up world.  Busy parents, school pressures, competitive sports and the constant input of technology are just some of the influences that can be stressful for our kids.  This global pandemic has only added to that stress. 

The goal of this course is that students can reap both the physical and cognitive benefits of yoga and mindfulness and maintain these skills as part of a healthy lifestyle. 

Target Audience

This Yoga and Mindfulness course is geared towards kindergarten through fifth graders but can benefit students of all ages. This course is great for first timers or experienced practitioners


Course Requirements

There are no prerequisites for this course.

Course Topics

  1.     Introduction to Yoga and Mindfulness
  2.     Mindful Breathing
  3.     Preparing for Yoga
  4.     Sun Salutations
  5.     Mindful Breathing Continued
  6.     Foundation Yoga Poses
  7.     Mindful Listening
  8.     Warrior Flow
  9.     Sending Kind Thoughts
  10. Geometric Yoga
  11. Body Scan
  12. Opposite Yoga Poses
  13. Generosity
  14. Yoga poses that kick
  15. Mindful of our Thoughts
  16. Arm Balance
  17. Mantras
  18. Poses That Make Us Feel Powerful
  19. Breathing Techniques
  20. Balancing
  21. Mindful Seeing
  22. Balancing Posses Continued
  23. Emotions
  24. Poses That Twist
  25. Gratitude
  26. Hips and Hamstrings
  27. Mindful Eating
  28. Hips and Hamstrings Continued
  29. Glitter Jar
  30. Standing and Reclined Pigeon
  31. Unplugging
  32. Pigeon
  33. Breathing Colors
  34. Lizard
  35. River of Thoughts
  36. Inversions
  37. Thought Hunter
  38. Chair Yoga
  39. Alternate Nostril Breathing
  40. Vinyasa Flow
  41. Partner poses
  • Teacher: Patrice
  • Areas of expertise: Yoga, Mindfulness, Special Education,
  • Education: - MS in Special Education - BS in Human Development - Yoga Alliance 200 hour Certification (YogaWorks) - Mini Yogis Certification - Every Kids Yoga Teacher Training - Mindful Schools year long Mindful Teacher program
  • Interests: Besides Yoga and Mindfulness Patrice is passionate about live music, spending time with her family, skiing, hiking and other outdoor activities.
  • Skills: Patrice works with neurotypical students as well as students with ADHD, anxiety and on the Autism spectrum
  • Associations:
  • Issues I care about: Mind / Body connection, giving children the necessary skills to help them self regulate.

I strive to create an environment where all children can thrive. Where they can discover and develop skills that will make them successful, active and contributing members of their communities.

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