Science for 4th Grade

Teacher: Anna
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Course Introduction

1 Course Introduction Video 03:37

2 Course Tour 05:46

Short video to describe course layout

Section 1

3 Lesson 1 Our Solar System 14:13

4 Lesson 1 Exercise Review 02:59

Lesson 1 Our Solar System Exercise Review

5 Lesson 2 Outer Space 11:10

6 Lesson 2 Exercise Review 03:17

7 Lesson 3 Constellations 11:50

8 Lesson 3 Exercise Review 02:43

9 Lesson 4 Earth's Atmosphere 15:25

10 Lesson 4 Exercise Review 05:10

11 Lesson 5 Weather 22:37

12 Lesson 5 Exercise Review 05:16

13 Lesson 6 The Water Cycle 14:54

14 Lesson 6 Exercise Review 05:23

Section 2

15 Lesson 7 Soil 15:07

16 Lesson 7 Exercise Review 04:52

17 Lesson 8 Layers of the Earth 12:16

18 Lesson 8 Exercise Review 02:35

19 Lesson 9 Volcanoes 12:40

20 Lesson 9 Exercise Review 06:15

21 Lesson 10 Earthquakes 16:50

22 Lesson 10 Exercise Review 03:46

23 Lesson 11 Landforms 12:20

24 Lesson 11 Exercise Review 01:45

Section 3

25 Lesson 12 Ecosystem Introduction 18:17

26 Lesson 12 Exercise Review 05:26

27 Lesson 13 Forest Ecosystems 16:11

28 Lesson 13 Exercise Review 03:50

29 Lesson 14 Grassland Ecosystems 14:46

30 Lesson 14 Exercise Review 04:44

31 Lesson 15 Ocean Ecosystems 13:44

32 Lesson 15 Exercise Review 01:47

33 Lesson 16 Wetland Ecosystems 16:18

34 Lesson 16 Excercise Review 04:25

35 Lesson 17 Desert Ecosystems 16:29

36 Lesson 17 Exercise Review 04:57

37 Lesson 18 Conservation 10:59

38 Lesson 18 Exercise Review 03:45

Section 4

39 Lesson 19 Animals Introduction 15:12

40 Lesson 19 Exercise Review 04:01

41 Lesson 20 Animal Adaptations 20:04

42 Lesson 20 Exercise Review 06:00

43 Lesson 21 Plant Introduction 18:02

44 Lesson 21 Exercise Review 03:02

45 Lesson 22 Plant Reproduction 17:07

46 Lesson 22 Exercise Review 02:38

47 Lesson 23 Photosynthesis 09:52

48 Lesson 23 Exercise Review 04:33

Section 5

49 Lesson 24 Human Body Introduction 14:21

50 Lesson 24 Exercise Review 03:56

51 Lesson 25 The Skeletal System 16:37

52 Lesson 25 Exercise Review 06:04

53 Lesson 26 The Muscular System 16:42

54 Lesson 26 Exercise Review 04:02

55 Lesson 27 The Circulatory System 19:09

56 Lesson 27 Exercise Review 06:26

57 Lesson 28 The Digestive System 12:40

58 Lesson 28 Exercise Review 04:55

59 Lesson 29 The Respiratory System 13:04

60 Lesson 29 Exercise Review 03:06

61 Lesson 30 The Nervous System 14:55

62 Lesson 30 Exercise Review 05:31

63 Lesson 31 Nutrition and Exercise 16:58

64 Lesson 31 Exercise Review 04:53

Section 6

65 Lesson 32 Matter 17:24

66 Lesson 32 Exercise Review 03:19

67 Lesson 33 Energy Part 1 20:48

68 Lesson 33 Exercise Review 04:24

69 Lesson 34 Energy Part 2 19:22

70 Lesson 34 Exercise Review 03:59

71 Lesson 35 Waves 13:43

72 Lesson 35 Exercise Review 04:15

73 Lesson 36 Mechanical Waves 16:32

74 Lesson 36 Exercise Review 03:39

75 Lesson 37 Light Waves 15:54

76 Lesson 37 Exercise Review 03:17

Section 7

77 Lesson 38 Electricity 16:08

78 Lesson 38 Exercise Review 06:18

79 Lesson 39 Magnetism 13:31

80 Lesson 39 Exercise Review 03:45

81 Lesson 40 Electromagnets 20:13

82 Lesson 40 Exercise Review 05:21

83 Lesson 41 Gravity 14:11

84 Lesson 41 Exercise Review 06:35

85 Lesson 42 Friction 19:11

86 Lesson 42 Exercise Review 04:53

87 Lesson 43 Work and Simple Machines 19:50

88 Lesson 43 Exercise Review 02:28

This is a comprehensive science course geared toward students entering the 4th grade. It is based off the Next Generation Science Standard topics for 4th graders. It is a full year's worth. It covers everything 4th graders need to know and more!

Course Goals:  After completing this course students will have a better grasp on how the world works around them and how many things in our world are connected. Students will have a better appreciation for the different ecosystems, environments and species of our earth and our interdependence with those different facets of our world. Finally, the ultimate goal is to see that science is an important and interesting area of our study and you can have fun learning it as well!

Target Audience: Students entering the 4th grade who have had previous science study. This is typically around age 9 or older. The course could also be used as a review for older students who might need extra time with the course topics.

Course Requirements: Students taking this course should have a good understanding of the science topics covered in grade 3.

The course includes:

  • A full year's worth of science for 4th graders!
  • 43 video lessons
  • 43 activity/exercises review videos (I review each question/problem one by one) and answer keys for each lesson
  • Over 30 investigations, demonstrations and projects
  • Covers topics in all three areas of study, Earth Science, Life Science, Physical Science
  • Topics include plants, animals, ecosystems, weather, natural forces, electricity, the human body, and more
  • Uses a variety of visual aids and demonstrations in the lesson to better illustrate the lessons and to provide opportunities for hands on learning
  • Book list for supplemental reading
  • Short review quiz for each lesson


Course Content:

Earth Science

  • Our Solar System
  • Outer Space
  • Constellations
  • Earth’s Atmosphere
  • Weather
  • The Water Cycle
  • Soil
  • Layers of the Earth
  • Volcanoes
  • Earthquakes
  • Earth’s Landforms


Life Science

  • Ecosystems
  • Forests
  • Grasslands
  • Wetlands
  • Oceans
  • Deserts
  • Animals
  • Animal Adaptations
  • Plants
  • Plant Reproduction
  • Photosynthesis
  • The Human Body
  • The Skeletal System
  • The Muscular System
  • The Circulatory System
  • The Digestive System
  • The Respiratory System
  • The Nervous System
  • Nutrition and Exercise


Physical Science

  • Matter
  • Energy
  • Waves
  • Mechanical Waves
  • Light Waves
  • Electricity
  • Magnetism
  • Electromagnetism
  • Gravity
  • Friction
  • Work and Simple Machines
  • Teacher: Anna
  • Areas of expertise: Minnesota State license in Communication Arts and Literature
  • Education: B.S. in Education from Martin Luther College M.Ed. from Martin Luther College
  • Interests: Reading, cooking,spending time with my kids, enjoying the great outdoors, hiking, traveling, educational research
  • Skills: Reading instruction, pianist, cooking, tutoring students with learning delays, choir director, runner
  • Associations: State licensed teacher (Minnesota)
  • Issues I care about: Assisting struggling students, age-appropriate education, educating the whole child, parental involvement

Thank you for your interest in this science course! I have been involved in education for over 10 years now in a variety of ways. I received my Bachelors in Education and my Masters in Education Degrees from Martin Luther College. I currently hold a teaching license in the state of Minnesota and have taught and tutored a range of student ages from preschool to 8th grade in one capacity or another. In the spare time that I have I enjoy reading, cooking, spending time outdoors, whether hiking, swimming or just going for a walk, and being with my family. I have two young children at home who keep me busy. It is my hope that by using my science course it makes your goal of educating your child that much simpler to achieve. I know it is not always easy to find resources and create specific goals and objectives. So I have done all that for you and I had a fun time doing it as well. I learn or pick up on new things every time I teach a topic, so thank you for giving me the chance to learn more myself as well.

Test Preparation Document

Test Preparation Document

Digital Quizzes and Tests Answer Keys Document

Digital Quizzes and Tests Answer Keys Document

Supplemental Reading List

List of books that could be used for supplemental reading.

Answer Key Our Solar System

Answer Key Outer Space

Answer Key Constellations

Answer Key Earth's Atmosphere

Answer Key Weather

Answer Key Water Cycle

Answer Key Soil

Answer Key Volcanoes

Answer Key Earthquakes

Answer Key Layers of the Earth

Answer Key Landforms

Answer Key Ecosystems

Answer Key Forests

Answer Key Grasslands

Answer Key Oceans

Answer Key Wetlands

Answer Key Deserts

Answer Key Conservation

Answer Key Animal Introduction

Answer Key Animal Adaptations

Answer Key Plant Introduction

Answer Key Plant Reproduction

Answer Key Photosynthesis

Answer Key Human Body

Answer Key The Skeletal System

Answer Key The Muscular System

Answer Key Circulatory System

Answer Key The Repiratory System

Answer Key The Digestive System

Answer Key The Nervous System

Answer Key Nutrition and Exercise

Answer Key Matter

Answer Key Energy Part 1

Answer Key Energy Part 2

Answer Key Waves

Answer Key Ocean and Sound Waves

Answer Key Light and Radio Waves

Answer Key Electricity

Answer Key Magnetism

Answer Key Electromagnetism

Answer Key Gravity

Answer Key Friction

Answer Key Work and Simple Machines

The Skeletal System-A Demonstration: Bone Strength

Electricity Investigation: Completing a Circuit

Electricity Investigation: Conductor or Insulator?

Matter Investigation: Do Frozen Liquids Expand?

Plants and Photosynthesis Investigation: Do Plants Breathe?

Earthquake Investigation: Earthquake Waves

Magnetism Investigation: Earth's Magnetic Field

Ecosystem Investigation: Food Chain

Water Cycle and Erosion Investigation: Importance of Plant to the Water Cycle and Erosion Prevention

Magnetism Investigation: Is Earth a Magnet?

Electromagnet Demonstration: Make Your Own Electromagnet

Water Cycle Demonstration: Make Your Own Precipitation

Volcano Demonstration: Make Your Own Volcano

The Skeletal System Demonstration: Make a Bone Model

The Respiratory System-A Demonstration: Model of a Lung

Energy Investigation: Pendulums and Conservation of Energy

Our Solar System Investigation: Size of the Sun

The Nervous System-An Investiation: Skin Sensitivity

Waves Investigation: Sound Waves

Friction Investigation: The Friction of Rice

Volcanoes and Qualities of the Earth’s Crust Investigation

Plants Investigation: What Do Plants Need?

Weather Investigation: What Does a Thunderstorm Look Like?

Gravity Investigation: What is Gravity?

The Respiratory System-Investigation: What Is In the Air We Breathe?

The Digestive System-Investigation: Why Does Our Stomach Have Acid?

Chlorophyll Investigation: Why Leaves Change Color

How Do Vascular Plants Work?

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