Our Teachers

Our Teachers

Lernsys instructors are simply exceptional. They typically arrive via referrals from their own work colleagues or students. They are certified individuals already possessing outstanding teaching or tutoring reputations, a caring and compassionate nature, and most important, are extremely diverse in their make-up. This is a particular point of emphasis at Lernsys as one of our core pillars is choice, and assembling a cadre of diverse teachers is a principal focal point.

In addition to outstanding pedagogic qualifications, Lernsys teachers are strong advocates for the incorporation of a healthy lifestyle. Universally accepted moral, ethical and religious (when appropriate to course content) tenets are not uncommon as part of their academic lesson plans. They are dynamic and caring instructors that understand the value of what homeschooled children and parents are seeking. As such, course content is varied and highly adaptable to the needs and desires of each and every family.

In accordance with U.S. Department of Education requirements, many Lernsys instructors develop curriculum and provide parents the requisite tools to keep children in accordance with the standards and testing records which may be required by certain state officials. This is all under the umbrella of choice with parents also being able to choose their desired Lernsys instructor based on an innovative feedback and measurement system.

Lernsys is consistently seeking to expand its faculty base so referrals are especially welcome. Do you know an exceptional teacher you would like to see on Lernsys? Click here to refer them to us. 

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