Morality and Religion

Morality and Religion

A New York Times op-ed earlier last year spoke of a “moral panic” in U.S. schools. In essence, children are believing less and less in moral facts. Right and wrong, truth and lies, morality is being shifted to a matter of opinion which is a major reason why the homeschool movement has gained such traction.  

In general, public school common core standards teach students that statements can be either classified as a fact (based on observation or clear evidence) or a subjective belief. While in theory this sounds rational, not all facts are firmly provable and opinions can also be formulated from evidence and/or observation.

Lernsys feels strongly that a pure homeschool academic formation without a humanistic component that speaks to core values promoting morality, decency, liberty and equality is incomplete. Children take academic instruction and grow with it through application. Sound morals based on a civil and family unit foundation is imperative for not only homeschool children, but all children. Lernsys academic instruction interweaves moral teaching into audio, video and written resources to further complement homeschool instruction. Our rich library is unmatched in the homeschool market with instructors firmly centered on complementing moral lessons with academic instruction. 

In conjunction, religious values are another area that has been jettisoned from schools nationwide. While we recognize religions vary, fundamental Judeo-Christian beliefs are enriching values that in conjunction with morality instruction are fantastic complements to everyday academic instruction. From a religious perspective, some of our Lernsys homeschool courses are faith-based curricula which in turn provide the homeschool parent the option and flexibility to choose the frequency and variety of religious instruction they desire.   

Lernsys instructors feel strongly regarding the incorporation of morals and religion into homeschool instruction, where applicable, with the end goal of providing homeschool parents increased options for educating their children. Some of the major religions parents can expect to find curricula on Lernsys include: Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, and Buddhism, among others.


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