Kindergarten and First Grade Art Class

Teacher: Angie
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Art Teacher Introduction

0 Introduction to Art Class 04:24

I'm so excited to have you in art class! This video will tell you about the exciting content we'll be learning about. We'll create fun drawings for every lesson that incorporates all of the art content we will learn about. Art Starts Here is an engaging and enjoyable art experiences for kids!


1 Introduction to Lines 10:17

Students will learn about the element of art called lines.  We will learn how straight, curvy, diagonal, zigzag, broken, loopy and spiral lines are used to create art. Students will also identify lines in art and use them to create art.

2 Kindergarten Begin Line Art Project 12:09

Students will follow along with a guided art lesson to learn how lines are used to create art.

3 Kindergarten Complete Line Art Project 11:30

Students will complete the line art project by tracing the lines and adding color with crayons.

4 First Grade Begin Line Project 11:20

We will review lines and use them to create artwork.  This is a guided drawing lesson.

5 First Grade Complete Line Project 12:38

We will add color to our line project with crayons and watercolor paint.

6 Review Lines and Assessment 14:03

We will review the lines that were taught in this unit and the students will participate in a video assessment.


7 Introduction to Shapes 14:10

Students will learn about the element of art called shapes. They will learn how to draw basic geometric shapes, identify the shapes in artwork and create art using shapes.

8 Drawing Shapes 16:10

Students will use lines taught in the previous session to learn how to draw basic geometric shapes.

9 Kindergarten Begin Shapes Art Project 18:04

Students will use geometric shapes to create artwork. This lesson will also review lines that were taught in Session 1. 

10 Kindergarten Complete Shapes Artwork 16:01

Students will complete their shape artwork by adding color with crayons and paint.

11 First Grade Begin Shapes Project 10:10

We will create artwork using geometric shapes that we learned about in the previous lesson.

12 First Grade Complete Shapes Project 11:51

We will use crayons and watercolor paint to complete the art project.

13 Review Shapes and Assessment 11:53

Students will review basic geometric shapes, identify them in artwork and take a short video assessment.

Colors (Primary and Secondary)

14 Introduction to Colors 10:11

Students will learn/review the basic colors in art and how they're found in the world around us.

15 Introduction to Primary and Secondary Colors 11:25

Primary and secondary colors will be introduced in this video.  Students wll learn how the primary colors are mixed together to create secondary colors.

16 Kindergarten Begin Artwork Using Primary and Secondary Colors 08:14

Students will use lines and shapes to draw their artwork.  Primary colors watercolor paint will be mixed to create secondary colors.

17 First Grade Colors Project 13:33

Students will draw artwork and use primary colors to create secondary colors.  Paint will be used to create the secondary colors.

18 Review Colors and Assessment 07:34

Students will review the primary and secondary colors and complete a short assessment. They will also view artwork where primary and secondary colors are used.


19 Students will Learn About Patterns in Art 11:17

Students will learn about patterns in art. They will identify patterns that use lines, shapes and colors.  They will also create artwork that uses patterns.

20 Kindergarten Begin Artwork Using Patterns 15:04

Students will create artwork using patterns.  They will use lines and shapes for drawing their artwork.

21 Kindergarten Complete Artwork Using Patterns 15:03

Students will complete their pattern artwork. They will use crayons and watercolor paint.

22 First Grade Begin Pattern Project 11:43

Students will create artwork to add a pattern of colors to.

23 First Grade Complete Patterns Project 11:43

Students will use crayons and watercolor paint to complete their patterm artwork.

24 Review Patterns in Art and Assessment 06:37

Students will review patterns in art and take a short assessment.  They will also identify patterns in artwork.


25 Introduction to Texture 11:10

Students will learn about the element of art called texture. 

26 Texture Rubbings 12:05

Students will learn how to create texture rubbings with items found around the house and outside.

27 Kindergarten Begin Artwork for Texture Rubbings 17:02

We will use a guided drawing lesson to create artwork for texture rubbings.

28 Kindergarten Complete Texture Art Project 06:42

We will use watercolor paint to complete the texture artwork.

29 First Grade Begin Texture Project 06:04

Students will follow along with a guided drawing project to create artwork for texture rubbing.

30 First Grade Complete Texture Project 07:54

Students will add texture and color to their texture project.


31 Introduction to Portraits 07:00

Students will learn what a portrait is and the different types of portraits. 

32 Kindergarten Begin Drawing a Portrait 14:54

Students will begin their portrait drawing with a guided lesson. 

33 Kindergarten Complete the Portrait Artwork 17:17

Students will complete their portrait artwork by adding color.  We will use crayons and watercolor paint.

34 First Grade Begin Portrait Project 07:32

Students will learn how to draw a portrait of a hippopotamus.

35 First Grade Complete Portrait Project 09:22

Students will complete their portrait of a hippopotamus .

36 Portrait Review and Assessment 06:33

Students will review the meaning of portrait and complete a short assessment.


37 Introduction to Self-Portrait 07:12

Students will learn about self-portraits and look at self-portraits created by famous artists.

38 Kindergarten Self-Portrait Project 12:10

Students will learn how to draw a self-portrait.

39 First Grade Self-Portrait 07:49

Students will be guided on how to create a self-portrait.

Guided Drawing Lessons

40 Let's Draw Pumpkins 06:24

This video will teach students how to draw pumpkins. There are two different lessons for the students to choose from. One lesson teaches an easy way to draw pumpkins and the other demonstrates a slightly more advanced lesson for older students.

41 Let's Draw a Scarecrow 03:58

Students will learn how to draw a scarecrow with a guided drawing lesson.

42 Let's Draw a Turkey 07:43

We will learn how to draw a turkey.  There are two different turkey drawing lessons for students to choose from or they can draw both.

43 Let's Draw a Pilgrim 05:13

This video will teach students how to draw pilgrims.  We will draw a boy pilgrim and a girl pilgrim.

44 Menorah 04:46

This step-by-step guided drawing lesson will teach students how to draw a menorah.

45 Christmas Tree 03:49

This step-by-step guided drawing lesson will teach students two different ways to draw a Christmas tree.

46 Rabbit 05:00

This step-by-step guided drawing lesson will teach students how to draw a rabbit two different ways.


47 Crayons 03:49

Students will learn tips for using crayons to enhance their artwork.

48 Colored Pencils 02:06

Students will learn how to use colored pencils to enhance their artwork.

49 Markers 09:46

Students will learn how to properly color with markers.

50 Watercolor Paint 04:33

This video demonstrates how to use watercolor paint.  Students will learn how to properly set up their area and use watercolor paint independently.

51 Paper 03:43

Students will learn about the different types of paper that can be used for our art projects.

52 Pantbrush 03:18

This video will show students how to properly use a paintbrush for lesson that use watercolor paint.

Course Overview

Art Starts Here provides an entire school year of art lessons for kindergarten and first graders. Each lesson is packed with content and vocabulary that is required by State Standards.  Every unit will include an art project that will be a guided drawing lesson.  Art project lessons will use common art supplies that can be found at home (pencil, crayons, markers, colored pencils, watercolor paint). Your child will learn about the Elements of Art (lines, shapes, colors/primary and secondary, and texture), the Principle of Design called pattern and the Subject Matters known as portraits and self-portrait.  These units will include an introduction to content video, starting the art project video, completing the art project video and a review video with a fun assessment.  There are also lessons that will teach your child how to properly use media (paper, pencil, colored pencils, crayons, markers and watercolor paint). Your kindergartner/first grader will enjoy their independence of being in art class and feeling confident with their lessons and artwork. Bonus guided drawing lessons are included for your child to enjoy outside of art class.  

This course includes:

A School Year's Worth of Art Lessons

51 Videos

7 Units with 4 Lessons Within Each Unit

Guided Drawing Lessons Included with Each Unit

Review Lessons Included in Each Unit

Visuals for Each Unit

1 Assessment for Each Unit

6 Video Lessons of How to Use Various Art Media

7 Bonus Guided Drawing Lessons

Course Goals:
Upon course completion, students will be able to identify the elements of art called line, shape, color (primary & secondary) and texture in art, along with the principle of design called pattern.  Students will be able to use these elements and principles to create their own artwork.  They will also be able to identify and draw the subject matter called portrait, along with identifying the difference between portrait and self-portrait.

Students will be able to independently and confidently use various media that include pencil, crayons, colored pencils, markers and watercolor paint to create artwork.

Target Audience:

This video course is primarily intended for kindergarten and first grade students.

Recommended Course Supplies:
Paper, pencil, eraser, crayons, markers, colored pencils (optional) and watercolor paints.

  • Teacher: Angie
  • Areas of expertise: Elementary Art
  • Education: Bachelor of Fine Arts, M.Ed (K-12)
  • Interests: Interior Design, My Family and Dogs
  • Skills: Teaching Art to Elementary Age Students, Providing a Positive Learning Environment, Pottery and Kiln-Fired Glass
  • Associations: ACSI Certified
  • Issues I care about: I want my students to feel positive about their ability to create art. It should be an enjoyable experience for them.

My name is Angie Breeding and I've been teaching elementary art in the public and private school setting for 20 years. It is truly the best job in the world. I love seeing my students excited about art class. I strive to create an atmosphere for learning that is kind, patient and encouraging. Art should be fun!

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