Example HTML Affiliate Code and Coupons


Lernsys Audio Quality StandardsAffiliate Code and Links

The affiliate URL code does not require a purchase. It only requires that the customer registers to track your referral.  The URL code helps spark the interest of your network who can use the link you share to visit the site and register. To use your affiliate URL code, simply add it to the end of the URL you are sharing like this "?r=Your Code" (quotes not included).

Using your code in a hyperlink

Let's take for example the affiliate code "SAVE-3RW1D8" and the Lernsys course URL: http://www.lernsys.com/en/5th-grade-math-course

You would use: http://www.lernsys.com/en/5th-grade-math-course?r=SAVE-3RW1D8

Formatting the hyperlink

Sometimes you may want to use just a word, or catchy phrase instead of a long URL string. If you want to share a short formatted hyperlink instead of a long URL, you can use this HTML line: <a href="http://www.lernsys.com/en/5th-grade-math-course?r=SAVE-3RW1D8">Awesome 5th grade course!</a>

The text will display like this: Awesome 5th grade course!

Here are a few other examples you can use:

Example 1.

I want to share what I think is a great pre-calculus course for homeschoolers.

<p>I want to share what I think is a great<a href="https://www.lernsys.com/en/precalculus-for-12th-grade-5?r=SAVE-3RW1D8">pre-calculus course</a> for homeschoolers.</p>

Example 2.

I think many homeschooling moms will find this 7th grade math course very helpful.

<p>I think many homeschooling moms will find this <a href="https://www.lernsys.com/en/7th-grade-math-2?r=SAVE-3RW1D8">7th grade math course</a> very helpful.</p>

Example 3.

These three 8th grade courses are excellent for homeschoolers: science, math, English.

<p>These three 8th grade courses are excellent for homeschoolers: <a href="https://www.lernsys.com/en/complete-middle-school-earth-science-course?r=SAVE-3RW1D8">science</a>, <a href="https://www.lernsys.com/en/7th-and-8th-grade-geometry?r=SAVE-3RW1D8">math</a>, <a href="https://www.lernsys.com/en/the-6th-8th-grade-reading-moves-ladder?r=SAVE-3RW1D8">English</a>.</p>

Example 4.

Click here to access the geometry course.

<p>Click <a href="https://www.lernsys.com/en/10th-grade-common-core-geometry?r=SAVE-3RW1D8">here</a> to access the geometry course.</p>

Example 5.

You can access the geometry course here.

<p>You can access the geometry course <a href="https://www.lernsys.com/en/9th-grade-math-geometry?r=SAVE-3RW1D8">here</a>.</p>


Lernsys Audio Quality StandardsAffiliate Code and Images

Using your affiliate code with images

Images can be very impactful and appealing. You can also use different images to keep your blog, webpage or social media page fresh and exciting. Below you will find some example course images and basic HTML you can use to share these images and your affilicate code with others. Note that you can change the size of the images (height and width) by increasing or decreasing the number values after "width=" and "height=". Remember to replace the affiliate code with yours.




Lernsys Audio Quality StandardsGrade 3 Math Course

<p><a href="https://www.lernsys.com/en/3rd-grade-mathematics?r=SAVE-3RW1D8"><img src="https://www.lernsys.com/Content/Images/uploaded/Grade%203.jpg" alt="" width="274" height="171" /></a></p>






Lernsys Audio Quality Standards Grade 4 Math Course

<p><a href="https://www.lernsys.com/en/math-for-4th-grade-?r=SAVE-3RW1D8"><img src="https://www.lernsys.com/Content/Images/uploaded/Grade%204%20Course1.jpg" alt="" width="274" height="171" /></a></p>>






Lernsys Audio Quality StandardsGrade 5 Math Course

<p><a href="https://www.lernsys.com/en/grade-5-mathematics?r=SAVE-3RW1D8"><img src="https://www.lernsys.com/Content/Images/uploaded/Grade%205%20Course.jpg" alt="" width="274" height="169" /></a></p>






 Click here for a comprehensive list of course images you can use:


Lernsys Audio Quality StandardsAffiliate Code and Coupon Codes

Using your affiliate code with coupon images

We all love coupons, don't we? You can also share your affiliate code by inserting it as part of coupon code image. The coupons below are valid for the duration posted on each. We will email you periodically when special promotions are set to start. For instance, we sometimes run 50%, 60% and even 80% off promotions during certain times of the year. Below you will find some coupon images and HTML you can use. Remember to replace the affiliate code with yours. In the "href=" part of the string, you can also change the URL www.lernsys.com/en/ for a different Lernsys URL or one pointing directly to a Lernsys course or material.


Coupon 50% OFF - Reach the Sky Event

<p><a href="https://www.lernsys.com/en/?r=SAVE-3RW1D8"><img src="https://www.lernsys.com/Content/Images/uploaded/coupon1ls/K to 12 Courses Half Price.jpg" alt="" width="576" height="219" /></a>&nbsp;</p>

K to 12  Homeschooling Courses Coupon


Coupon 55% OFF - Getting Ahead Event

<p><a href="https://www.lernsys.com/en/?r=SAVE-3RW1D8"><img src="https://www.lernsys.com/Content/Images/uploaded/coupon1ls/Coupon%20%281%29.jpg" alt="" width="576" height="219" /></a>&nbsp;</p>

Coupon 55% OFF -Getting Ahead Event (design variant)

<p><a href="https://www.lernsys.com/en/?r=SAVE-3RW1D8"><img src="https://www.lernsys.com/Content/Images/uploaded/coupon1ls/Coupon%20%2813%29.jpg" alt="" width="576" height="219" /></a>&nbsp;</p>

Coupon 60% OFF - Independence Day Event

<p><a href="https://www.lernsys.com/en/?r=SAVE-3RW1D8"><img src="https://www.lernsys.com/Content/Images/uploaded/coupon1ls/Coupon%20%2812%29.jpg" alt="" width="576" height="219" /></a>&nbsp;</p>

Coupon 45% OFF - Reach Your Peak Event

<p><a href="https://www.lernsys.com/en/?r=SAVE-3RW1D8"><img src="https://www.lernsys.com/Content/Images/uploaded/coupon1ls/Coupon%20(8)45.jpg" alt="" width="409" height="272" /></a>&nbsp;</p>


Coupon 50% OFF - No Stress Event

<p><a href="https://www.lernsys.com/en/?r=SAVE-3RW1D8"><img src="https://www.lernsys.com/Content/Images/uploaded/coupon1ls/Coupon%20%284%29b.jpg" alt="" width="310" height="410" /></a>&nbsp;</p>



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