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In this complete science course students will utilize scientific skills of asking questions that will be answered through investigations, analysis, explanations, and identifying variables in an investigation. The course covers Physical Science, Earth Science, and Life Science. +
$389.00 $136.00
This High School elective course can be used as a Science or Career and Technical Education(CTE) course. Topics covered include: Video game history, careers, design basics, developing/presenting your game concept, creating games with the Unity game engine, C# programming, and more. +
$349.00 $122.00
Often the Algebra we learn is devoid of context. We will look at Algebra through the lens of how we apply it in the real world and explore elementary algebra in the context of its practice. Students will learn to perform an inventory of algebraic applications. +
$350.00 $122.00
Este curso incluye matemáticas del grado 12 así como un repaso del grado 11, consolidando la base necesaria para el acceso a la universidad. Mediante 42 lecciones y ejercicios estudiaremos diversos tipos de ecuaciones, funciones y límites, derivadas e integrales, matrices y sistemas. +
$425.00 $148.00
English Language and Composition: Knowing the Parts Means Understanding the Whole. This course covers the eight parts of speech, the foundation of understanding our language and how it works. +
$349.00 $122.00
Learn design basics. This course focuses on design principles and workflow for the beginning Graphic Designer. This course is designed for High School students. +
$360.00 $125.00
The overall goal of this social studies and history course is to equip students with the necessary tools to engage in courageous conversations about race. This is a full year History course that includes vocabulary development and geography lessons. +
$350.00 $122.00
This engaging 58+ video-lesson course will take students on an exciting journey of self-discovery by studying the principles and people who created the United States and the Constitution. This course covers the time period from North American colonization through George Washington's presidency. +
$375.00 $131.00

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