Beginner Flute

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Teacher: Elizabeth
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Unit 1- The Basics

0 Lesson 0- Course Introduction 04:24

Introducing myself and what we will learn in the course.

1 Lesson 1- Getting Setup With a Flute 11:11

Buy vs rent. New vs used. Beginner brands. Other considerations.

2 Lesson 2- Taking Care of Your Flute 12:10

Flute history. Instrument families. Proper care and cleaning.

3 Lesson 3- Making a Sound 15:23

Instrument parts. Embouchure. On head joint.

4 Lesson 4- Blow Like a (Pretty!) Siren 12:45

Review embouchure. Blow on head joint, covered and not.

5 Lesson 5- Putting it All Together! 18:45

How to assemble and align flute. Blow on whole flute. 4 main contact points.

6 Lesson 6- F and Quarter Note 14:51

Learn note F. Learn quarter note.

7 Lesson 7- G and Half Note 12:35

Learn G. Learn half note.

8 Lesson 8- Note Values 13:00

Review F&G. Learn whole note. Whole, half, and quarter note rhythms.

9 Lesson 9- Unit 1 Review 20:55

Review all unit 1. Learn A note.

Unit 2- Hot Cross Buns & Note Reading

10 Lesson 10- Intro Hot Cross Buns 21:16

Teach song melody & rhythms.

11 Lesson 11- Music Staff 20:42

Review Hot Cross Buns. Intro music staff. FACE in the space. EGBDF on the lines.

12 Lesson 12- Note Reading Review 16:43

Review note reading lines and spaces. A, G, F on staff.

13 Lesson 13- Hot Cross Buns on Staff 21:30

Review note reading & A, G, F on staff. Play Hot Cross Buns with letters on staff.

14 Lesson 14- Hot Cross Buns Note Reading 20:22

Review Hot Cross Buns with letters on staff. Then with no letters. Change tempo.

15 Lesson 15- Unit 2 Review 22:55

Review all of Unit 2.

Unit 3- Note Reading & Playing

16 Lesson 16- Review Note Reading 16:30

Spell words with music alphabet notes.

17 Lesson 17- Practice A, G, & F 1 14:51

A, G, & F rhythm practice on staff.

18 Lesson 18- Practice A, G, & F 2 08:18

More rhythm practice with A, G, & F. Move by step or skip.

19 Lesson 19- A, G, & F 3 18:54

More rhythm practice on A, G, & F. Move by step or skip.

20 Lesson 20- Mary Had a Little Lamb 16:04

Clap and count rhythms and read notes of song. Look for patterns.

21 Lesson 21- B and Note & Rhythm Review 20:51

Note and rhythm reading review. Learn B.

22 Lesson 22- Practice B, A, G, & F 13:30

Practice B. Play F up to B and B down to F on rhythms.

23 Lesson 23- Quarter Rest 20:37

Play F up to B and B down to F on rhythms. Learn quarter rest. Four beat rhythms.

24 Lesson 24- Half Rest 13:31

Learn half rest. More rhythms.

25 Lesson 25- Whole Rest 15:12

Learn whole rest. More rhythms.

26 Lesson 26- Rhythm Practice 15:25

Clap, count, and play rhythms.

Unit 4- Mini Scale and Musical Symbols

27 Lesson 27- C and Mini Scale 20:48

Learn C. Add C to mini scale practice.

28 Lesson 28- Practice and Mini Scale with C 20:32

Practice C and mini scale. Review all notes and rests.

29 Lesson 29- Name That Tune! 19:45

Analyze notes and rhythms to guess which song I am playing. Repeat sign.

30 Lesson 30- Duet 00:34

Learn a duet. Practice notes and rhythms.

31 Lesson 31- Duet & Dynamics 20:40

Play both parts of duet and switch. Learn dynamics (piano and forte).

32 Lesson 32- Dynamics and Dotted Half Note 17:55

Review piano and forte and learn mezzo piano and mezzo forte. Learn dotted half note.

33 Lesson 33- 3/4 Time 11:55

Review dotted half note. Learn 3/4 time signature. Do conducting rhythm patterns.

Unit 5- More Notes and Songs

34 Lesson 34- Low to High Notes 20:11

Learn slurs, registers, and high notes on F, G, & A.

35 Lesson 35- High Notes 20:35

Practice high notes. Low to high slurs.

36 Lesson 36- E 20:42

Slur low to high notes. Learn low and high E. Play exercises with low and high E.

37 Lesson 37- D 21:14

Review E and high notes. Learn D fingering and movement between notes.

38 Lesson 38- Breath Mark and Review D 10:06

Review and play D and slur. Learn breath mark.

39 Lesson 39- Bb and F Scale 14:01

Learn Bb and key signatures. Learn F scale.

40 Lesson 40- Review it All! 21:27

Play F scale. Review all lessons.

41 Lesson 41- Let's Play! 20:10

Play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and London Bridge.

Course Overview:

This "Beginner Flute" video course covers over a year of flute lesson curriculum. We begin with the basics of how to acquire a flute and take care of it and then move to producing a good sound and playing notes. Throughout the course, there is a focus on musical note, rhythm, and symbol reading. Students will play dozens of exercises and songs along with their instructor and from written music. 

This course includes:

5 Units

41 Video lessons 

41 Cooresponding online reinforcement tests for each lesson

Review tests for each Unit 

Over 11 hours of video instruction

Vocabulary and technique definitions, explanations, and examples in written, picture, and video form

More than 30 documents of supporting instruction and songs

Course Goals:

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to play an octave and a half of notes on the flute, read those and more on the music staff, recognize and follow musical symbols, produce a proper sound on the flute, play an F scale, and play exercises and songs with basic rhythms. 

Target Audience:

This video course is beneficial for anyone interested in learning how to play the flute but the language and pace is primarily designed for upper elementary and intermediate grades. 

Course Requirements:

Students taking the course will need to acquire a flute and ideally a music stand. We discuss how to acquire a flute and what to look for in the first lesson. No prior music reading knowledge is required! 

Course Curriculum: 

Unit 1- The Basics

Getting setup with a flute

Taking care of your flute

Making a sound

Blow like a (pretty!) siren

Putting it all together!

F and quarter note

G and half note

Note values

Unit 1 review

Unit 2- Hot Cross Buns and Note Reading

Intro Hot Cross Buns

Music staff

Note reading review

Hot Cross Buns on staff

Hot Cross Buns note reading

Unit 2 review

Unit 3- Note Reading and Playing

Review note reading

Practice A, G, and F 1

Practice A, G, and F 2

Practice A, G, and F 3

Mary Had a Little Lamb

B and note and rhythm review

Practice B, A, G, and F

Quarter rest

Half rest

Whole rest

Rhythm practice

Unit 4- Mini Scale and Musical Symbols

C and mini scale

Practice and mini scale with C

Name that tune!


Duet and dynamics

Dynamics and dotted half note

3/4 time

Unit 5- More Notes and Songs

Low to high notes

High notes



Breath mark and review D

Bb and F scale

Review it all!

Let's play!

  • Teacher: Elizabeth
  • Areas of expertise: Beginning instrumental instruction
  • Education: M.A. in Music Education, Teachers College, Columbia University B.M. in Music Education, Saint Mary's College
  • Interests: Instrumental performance and teaching
  • Skills: Flute, clarinet, saxophone
  • Associations: National Association for Music Education, National Education Honor Society, New York State School Music Association
  • Issues I care about: Music education and access for all

I am a passionate music educator! Every student has the potential to connect with and express themselves through music. I want to equip students with the knowledge and drive to do so.

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