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homeschooling Kentucky If you have decided to homeschool in Kentucky, you probably may require resources, lessons, information, and curriculum to meet Kentucky's homeschool guidelines. At Lernsys we aim to help you homeschool in a way that is practical, easy and convenient.

Our site contains hundreds of resources, homeschool curriculum, exercises, and video-lessons which can help you homeschool in Kentucky. Lernsys is a leading homeschool provider of premium academic content, engaging video courses and customized academic materials for homeschool, public, and private school students in both the United States and Canada.

While our goal is to help you as much as possible, we don't intend to provide you with legal advice on homeschooling. While homeschooling is virtually permitted in all states in the U.S., each state sets forth different guidelines for parents homeschooling their children; for this, you can consult your state's Department of Education official website. You may also want to visit the links further down this page for more information about homeschooling in your state.

Families choose to homeschool in Kentucky for a variety of reasons - school bullying, poor traditional learning environments, objections to what is being taught, safety concerns, special needs/disabilities, or schools and teachers simply not challenging their children enough, or just a few of the reasons why families are increasingly homeschooling. It is often out of frustration that parents decide to homeschool and leave traditional school settings in Kentucky. The Lernsys method alleviates frustration by returning control to you - education, your way.

Empirical data in recent years has shown that homeschooled children often tend to outperform their public school counterparts. Homeschool children also tend to develop higher critical and thinking skills, and usually develop a view of the world which is more realistic and pragmatic. The Lernsys platform “bridges” the surplus in talent with the deficit in choice/value and recreates what was once a leading academic standard for the world. With the correct set of resources, lessons, and video-courses, homeschooling can be very fun, productive and efficient.

For more information about your state's regulations for homeschooling your child, you may visit your state's education portal: Kentucky Homeschool Laws

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Lernsys's homeschooling video-courses are affordable, unique and complete. Our video-courses usually include all the materials parents need to homeschool their children: video-lessons, practice exercises and worksheets, quizzes, tests, additional resources, and even exercise correction videos with step-by-step walk-throughs that will often review each of the questions or problems so that you do not have to go over and correct practice sheets yourself, and so that your child knows if and why an error was made! Because the video-lessons can be watched over and over again, Lernsys's homeschooling video-courses are a much better option than private tutoring and far more affordable. Lernsys's teachers are not chained to bureaucracy or short-sighted by partisan constraints. They understand the pitfalls and limitations of traditional classroom education and bring a fresh air of creativity and unique thinking to their pedagogy and the homeschooled student.

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homeschooling New Jersey The Lernsys System is designed around one prevailing mantra: Education, your way. Choice, input and feedback have been needlessly eliminated from traditional school settings. Homeschooling parents already recognize this and Lernsys aims to provide families with the most comprehensive selection of academic video courses, worksheets, exercises and resources. Lernsys is truly the best one-stop-shop for all homeschooled children in Kentucky. In addition to an abundance of written, video and audio resources, the Lernsys System is truly distinctive in its ability to provide parents access to a database of hundreds of qualified teachers, each with their own unique style, curricula and academic focus. Instructor-specific masteries, specialties, materials provided and teaching style, enable parents to fully control the type of education they desire for their children. "Education, your way" encompasses not only the academic and teacher choice components, but also basic human values rooted in decency, freedom and equality. The Lernsys System promises to promote these values as these are critical fundamentals in the learning process of children and which are virtually non-existent in most school settings today.

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Why Are So Many Parents Homeschooling in Kentucky?

For many parents, the decision to homeschool their children is not really a choice, but the only reasonable option. There are good reasons why parents feel that homeschooling is the best alternative and why each year more parents decide to homeschool their children. A New York Times headline recently concluded with a startling two words – “Teacher Shortages Spur a Nationwide Hiring Scramble (Credentials Optional).” Layoffs during the recession coupled with a recovering economy where fewer people are interested in teaching has placed school districts in a challenging position.[1] This critical shortage moving forward will only exacerbate U.S. academic deficiency at an international level, especially in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) subjects. Many homeschooling parents realize this already. In a recent Pew Research Center report, a modest 29 percent of Americans thought U.S. K-12 STEM school curriculum was above average. Only 16 percent of members of the American Association for the Advancement of Science shared the opinion while 46 percent of the same association believed K-12 STEM was below average.[2] While declining academic performance is troubling enough, student safety in schools is at an all-time low. There have been approximately 159 school shootings in the U.S. since 2013 (average of 1 per week).[3] An alarming 280,000 students are physically assaulted on secondary school campuses every month, and every 7 minutes a child is bullied at a U.S. school.[4] Cyberbullying has really taken off over the last 5 years with up to 43% of students having reported incidents online.[5] North America is a region rich in talent and the internet facilitates the connection and exchange of resources. The Lernsys platform “bridges” the surplus in talent with the deficit in choice/value and recreates what was once a leading academic standard for the world.


Helpful Resources for Parents Homeschooling in Kentucky

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Lernsys is the leading homeschool provider of premium academic content, engaging video courses and customized academic materials for homeschool, public, and private school students in both North America and around the world. Our vast library of rich, creative, and unique homeschool academic content includes common core, advanced placement and elective subjects spanning grades K to 12th in a variety of subjects, fields and disciplines, including math, science, reading, languages, biology, physics and more.

[1] New York Times:Teacher Shortage
[2] Pew Research:Students Keep Lagging Behind
[3] Every Town Research:School Shootings
[4] Resources:School Bullying

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