12th Grade - U.S. Civics

Teacher: Georgine
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Section 1 – History

0 Introduction 00:06

1 Key historical events, documents, and individuals that led to the development of the nation 00:00

2 Foundations of the U.S. government 00:00

3 Civic leadership qualities of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Benjamin Franklin 00:00

4 Historical contributions of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Benjamin Franklin 00:00

5 The Great Depression, New Deal and World War II (1929-1945) 00:00

6 Postwar United States: Cold War (1945 to early 1970s) 00:06

7 Postwar United States: Civil Rights and Social Change (1945 to early 1970s) 00:00

8 Contemporary United States: Domestic Policies (1970-Today) 00:00

9 Contemporary United States: International Policies and Interconnected Global Society (1970-Today) 00:00

10 Role of historical symbols and monuments 00:00

11 Trace how the American identity evolved over time 00:00

12 Understand the impact of events in an interconnected world 00:00

Section 2 – Government and Civics

13 Foundations of American Democracy 00:00

14 Rights, responsibilities and duties of citizenship 00:00

15 Public policy 00:00

16 Knowledge of the United States Constitution 00:00

17 Knowledge of the federal system of government 00:00

18 Knowledge of civil liberties and civil right 00:00

19 Legislative process 00:00

20 Impeachment process and its usage 00:00

21 Knowledge of the operation of the federal judiciary 00:00

22 Powers of Georgia’s state and local governments 00:00

23 The causes and effects of criminal activity 00:00

24 Merits and demerits of various government systems 00:00

Section 3 – Economics

25 Understand the common basic economic terms and concepts and economic reasoning 00:00

26 Analyze the influence of the federal government 00:00

27 Cycles in the Economy 00:00

28 Business cycle and trends in economic activity 00:00

29 Understand how financial institutions and the government work together 00:00

30 Issues and importance of international trade 00:00

31 Importance of money management and learn saving, and investing in a free market economy 00:00

32 Tools of economy policy in a global economy 00:00

Section 4 – Geography

33 Geographical skills and techniques 00:00

34 Climate and weather 00:00

35 Knowledge of Mid-latitude Cyclone, Tropical Cyclones, Subtropical Anticyclones 00:00

36 Geomorphology 00:00

37 Rural and Urban Settlement 00:00

Course Description:

The Twelfth Grade U.S. Civics course stands at the summit of Social Sciences curricula. Students in this course gain the knowledge and skills necessary for a thorough understanding of the social-economic dynamics at play, and a comprehensive take on the role of civic responsibility.

Course Goals:

This course provides students with detailed knowledge in the workings of modern-day economic systems, in particular the American capitalist system. Students acquire information about basic economic concepts and skills in the interpretation of graphic economic data. Students will be able to apply information and skills to the analysis of issues and problems in contemporary economic systems throughout the modern capitalist world.

Target Audience

This course focuses on the workings and institutions of modern-day economic systems and economic theory rather than consumer economics content. Students apply the knowledge and understanding acquired in their study of economic factors over time to their study of contemporary problems in economics. The study of economics includes the use and interpretation of maps, charts, graphs, tables, and other expressions of statistical data.

Course Requirements

In this course, students draw on the knowledge and skills from their previous study of the United States, world history, economics, and geography as background information. The course focuses on the origins and functions of government as well as the intellectual, social and economic influences in the development of representative democracy in America. Through a detailed study of the United States Constitution, students become knowledgeable of the structure and workings of government at all levels in the state and nation.

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Lesson 1: Economic Development Graph

Lesson 2: Economic Model

Lesson 3: Social Economic Principles

Lesson 4: Social Movements

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