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This course teaches the strategies readers need to know and do to comprehend complex fiction texts. Each reading move is taught, modeled, and practiced as the student moves up the Reading-Moves Ladder from the bottom rungs, Level 1, Remember, to the top rungs, Level 4, Higher-order Thinking. +
A course that digs deep into 3rd grade mathematics and covers all the basics needen in both arithmetics and geometry. Enjoy the course with the teacher from Finland, Jori! +
En este curso se desarrollan todos los temas relacionados a los procesos de conservación ambiental, desde sus orígenes, resaltando sus transformaciones a través del tiempo, hasta la actualidad. +
$400.00 $390.00
This 3rd grade math course is designed to closely mimic the Common Course standards. It has 60 video lessons, with a worksheet practice counterpart, as well as a midpoint assessment and a yearly assessment. It includes worksheets and assessments answer keys in PDF and video format. +
A comprehensive 5th grade math curriculum providing every student access to high quality curriculum and instruction. My goal is to develop both students' mathematical understanding and procedural skills so that they may be fully prepared for the future in a global economy. +
This engaging math video course focuses on the main content areas of fifth grade math. It includes nearly 70 video-lessons, worksheets, worksheet review videos and more! It is a full year's worth! +
This is a History/Social Studies course aimed at Grade 8 students. Here we will be focusing on the big question of: Why is the American Revolution significant? +

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