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Breve corso (4 lezioni) per imparare le rappresentazioni di un numero complesso , il reciproco e le operazioni .Infine lezione BONUS sulle equazioni trigonometriche +
A comprehensive High School chemistry course. This course is ideal for 11th grade students. +
This course will give you all the necessary skills needed in 5th grade math. You will find 40 video lessons with practice worksheets, practice tests and resources needed for you to be prepared for sixth grade. +
This is a advanced level course designed to teach students the foundations of argumentation, and how to put those elements into real-life work; whether it is being applied to persuasive writing or in oral debating. Lessons include hard copy notes, links to actual Prezi presentation, and more! +
Online physics course using the revolutionary modeling method of instruction. Units 1 and 2 cover principles of graphical data analysis and constant velocity motion. +
$75.00 $60.00
This course covers cell biology and molecular biology units. You will learn about the cell structure, organelles and their functions. You will learn easily about carbohydrates, proteins, lipids and nucleic acids structures and functions. +
It's exciting to watch colorful fireworks, but how much copper goes into that shower of turquoise, or strontium into ribbons of red? Chemistry is a quantitative science. It involves mathematics. This course will focus on the skills you need to understand the mathematical aspects of chemistry. +
This course focuses on physics concepts including One and Two Dimensional Motion, Force and Motion, Work and Energy, Momentum and Fluids. +

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